Girl on the Bus

I was riding on the bus one cold afternoon in downtown Phoenix, and I saw this girl across from me; I wanted to draw her. Broaching the subject of becoming a model is not my forte … on a bus … in Phoenix … without a business card that says: “Yes, she paints paintings, she is not perverted!” So, I did the next best thing. I stared at her all the way to my stop, so I could memorize her features and, at least, try to do the portrait I saw in my mind.

Staring works well, if you can do it without being noticed. When she did notice, I was happy to think I could go ahead and stop looking. Gosh, artists are weird people! Especially, the ones on the bus! This is a 6×6 oil on canvas.


Graceful Guesting

When the bathroom swan became popular, I loved them! I wanted to put one in the guest bathroom filled with color coordinated guest towels. Well, time happens. Although the guest bathroom eventually did get redecorated, like the swan from Swan Lake, commercial swans were dead and gone from the decorating shelves.

(Here comes the thrift shop part!) Yes! This graceful bird was found at the thrift shop. Like a gleaming ivory Angel bird, I plucked her gently from the shelf. But alas, she has never held a guest towel. She occupies a shelf, in her own spartan beauty, on a hutch in my studio. She has starred in a painting I did as an accent to Asian bowls and chopsticks, but never graced the bathroom.

Well, today was her day to shine. With guest towel up on her back, I gave her the rightful place that she was molded for.

Happy and shining in the sunshine, here she is in “Graceful Guesting”. “Graceful Guesting” is an 8×10 oil on canvas-board. It is a part of the “Painting Today” series. The swan and I thank you for coming by to take a look!


Life’s Lemons

We all get them, those frustrating little stumbling blocks that, at the time, seem to be blocking fortune, fame and peace of mind. If we act on those feelings, experience alone tells us to stop and take a deep breath.

So you have to unwrap the problem. You have to chop it up into pieces you can handle. Then you squeeze all the bitterness out of your problem and add sugar and water.

So here’s to making a great glass of lemonade. Bottoms up!

This “Life’s Lemons” painting is an 8″x8″ oil on canvas and is part of the “Today’s Painting” series. Thanks for looking.


Red, White and Blue

I started this yesterday as a “Painting Today” and finished it this morning. That’s all right, I’m still feeling a bit patriotic this morning anyway.

I’d like to thank all the service men and women for the job they do. I want you to know that you have your country’s gratitude and prayers in so many hearts all across this country.

As an expression of love and concern for our young people serving in the armed forces, I have painted Red, White and Blue.

It is a 9×12 oil on canvas-board and is a part of the “Painting Today” series.



In honor of Memorial Day, I’m posting the painting I did as a gift for Jeremiah’s mother. I hope my painting reflects my respect for all our soldiers and the service they give to our country. Thank you, one and all for your service and your sacrifice.


Aesop’s Pitcher

When I’m not painting, I often go to thrift shops to treasure hunt. No, I’m not hoping to find an original painting by a famous painter. Although, I did find an early color sketch done by Ted DeGrazia, signed on the back, with the date of 1967, for under 5 bucks!

I like to look for unusual ceramics, or other objects, that would be fun to paint. This pitcher caught both my attention and my imagination. I was transported back to the 4th grade, where we read Aesop’s Fables and struggled to learn the “lesson” (or moral) of the story.

“The Crow and the Pitcher” was one of the fables we read, and this pitcher reminded me of that story. The crow could not reach the water at the bottom of the pitcher, and after failing in attempts to knock the pitcher over to get a drink, the crow successfully put small pebbles into the pitcher until the water rose to a high enough level for the bird to take a drink.

So here is, “Aesop’s Pitcher”, an 8×10 oil on canvas-board in remembrance of a very crafty crow that was written about in the 600 BC era, by Aesop in Ancient Greece. Thanks for stopping by to check out the “Painting Today” section.

Aesop's Pitcher

A Pair of Pears

It’s nice to go to the refrigerator and pull out the “Painting Today” models. Set them on a plate and away they go to the stand by the easel! I loved the deep red of the Red Pear and then decided that a way to set it off would be the Bartlett Pear with a lively yellow-green skin! So here is the day’s serving from the Art Springs Cafe, “A Pair of Pears”, which is an 8×10 oil on canvas board. “Like” my Artsprings page on Facebook, and you could be the lucky winner of this painting or your choice of any of the “Painting Today” series. We are drawing names at 50 “likes”!!  Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed the “pair”!!


“Brushed Up”, Finally Done

Here is the final rendition of “Brushed Up”. It is an 8×10 oil on canvas board in the “A Painting Today” series. It has actually been the object of about 3 days of “Paintings Today”. Remember that all the “Paintings Today” series paintings will be available for the 50 “Likes” for the Artsprings Facebook site giveaway. The winner will get their choice from the series.  So get over there and like the page for your chance to win! The next day’s painting is in the refrigerator, and Hank is under orders not to eat it until after the posing! Another hint is that in poker, 2 of these could possibly win you that round… possibly!  Thanks for looking!