Brushed Up

I’m having fun using paint brushes to paint paint brushes! The bad news is that the fun isn’t over! Not quite done, it will take another day to put all the paintbrushes in the pitcher. So, I’ll be back tomorrow with the finished painting. Thanks for looking.

Purple Orchid Line Dance

I wanted an orchid to paint as a project last spring. One of the supermarkets close to me had potted orchids for sale in their floral department. One day, I walked in and noticed that they had dropped the price. So, I bought one!

About a week later, I started this painting. Orchids have many beautiful varying shapes. The shape of this one seems to be the most common, but I loved the purple color.

I still have the orchid, and maybe next year when she blooms again, she will sit for another portrait! This painting is a 16×20 oil on canvas. Enjoy!


Acorn and Butternut Squash

Running a bit late this afternoon to get my “painting today” accomplished. I constructed a makeshift black box to cut the light source to one direction as much as possible. I wanted more play on the butternut especially, because the skin is almost luminous in property and shadows are more of a suggestion than reality! Apologies for the obvious wet paint, but I really wanted to post tonight before midnight! “Acorn and Butternut Squash” is an 8×10 oil on canvas-board. Thanks for looking!


Summer Refresher

When temperatures go to triple digits in Arizona, liquid refreshments become a constant source of hydration. I had fun mixing cut up lemons and strawberries in ice water in a large glass, garnishing the side of the plate with the ingredients, and then painting all the great summer colors I had concocted. So, not only do I have a painting, you have a recipe to take the edge off of the 100-degree weather. I always thought that websites should be helpful! “Summer Refresher” is an 8×10 oil on canvas-board. Thanks for stopping by to look!


The Model

I have a chair I use to paint a seated model in my studio. I am getting set up to paint a model in a vintage 40′s dress. I have the dress, the backdrop and the chair at exactly the distance away from my easel that I wish to paint her. I’m already to go. I come back to my studio and… there’s Rocky! A high place with an upholstered seat, and he is one happy cat. A few snaps with my phone camera before he gets bored with the view, and I’m ready to do a “Painting Today” painting. “The Model” is an 8×10 oil on canvas-board. Thanks, Rocky! Can I pay you in catnip???



Working with nude long-pose model at The Loft. Her name is Angel, and she held this pose for 4 hours giving us enough time to add more detail! Yes, models get breaks periodically, but holding a pose is hard work, and I love the final result! She is awesome!