Tempe Town Lake Plein Air

This afternoon I showed up at Tempe Town Lake Park with all my plein air gear and found a gazebo to set up by. The temps have dipped to double digits and there was a stiff breeze blowing through the park. Could not have asked for better weather. A few passer bys observed me painting and stopped to chat briefly. Everyone shared encouraging critiques and seemed pleased to find a painter in their midst. All in all, what a wonderful day I had in the valley of the fun…er… sun!

Tempe Town Lake Plein Air Painting

Here is the finished 8×10 plein air of Tempe Town Lake. I finished up as the sun’s long rays were beginning to lose their luster and the sun was beginning to plummet behind the mountain tops in the west. Thatms agood time to stop fiddling and call it a day. Hope you enjoy the painting. I really enjoyed doing it in comfortable temperatures in the middle of the Valley!