Artist Bio

My artistic journey began 10 years ago at First Friday Art Walk in downtown Phoenix.  It was my first time there.  The amount of artwork and the number of galleries in the downtown area was stunning.  The enthusiasm, of both viewers and artists for this event, inspired me.  Walking along, I remembered a desire from a long time ago to try painting with oil paints “someday”!

Apparently, “someday” had arrived.  I began to experiment with drawings, acrylic paints, brushes, photographs and one very handy website on the Internet, called “Wet Canvas”.

Wet Canvas introduced me to artists and their artwork from all over the world!  They welcomed “newbie” artists and put up tutorials, answered all kinds of questions that usually started with “How do I do …?”  Sooner than I ever dreamed possible, I was painting.

If I have developed a “style” after 10 years, I would call it “Painterly Realism”.  Realism, in that I strive to represent form in perspective and tone.  Painterly, in that it is not the photographic qualities I seek, but the interpretation of what I see.

I revel in painting portraiture, still life and Plein Air (outdoor) painting.  The love of my subjects is what keeps my process fresh for me.

My fondest hope is that, you, my viewer, feel a part of the motivation and passion that brought me to the easel to paint that moment on canvas.