For awhile my husband and I raised and kept a small flock of chickens in our backyard. We kept only hens because roosters are way too noisy for a residential area. Roosters crow at dawn. They crow at 2am or 1am or any other time a noise wakes them up! The neighbors need their sleep, and so did we!

So, we had 4 to 5 hens, and they laid eggs at a rate of about 1 egg every day each. They had a “chicken barn” in the backyard with perches about 4 feet off the ground and nesting boxes on the one end, chicken feed and water on the other end.

Sydney was an Australorp, a breed of chicken developed in Australia, hence, the name – Sydney. She was a big chicken with Jet Black feathers that shimmered green and blue in the sun.

Friendly and smart, she was used to food and cuddles in the morning. Chickens really get used to attention and will even come when they are called.

Anyway, I had some pictures of my chickens, and I choose Sydney’s picture because I really wanted to depict Sydney’s beautiful iridescent feathers.

“Sydney” is an 11×14 oil on canvas. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to say, “Look! There’s a chicken!”, a phrase common around here because I’m a little bit Attention Deficit.


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