Graceful Guesting

When the bathroom swan became popular, I loved them! I wanted to put one in the guest bathroom filled with color coordinated guest towels. Well, time happens. Although the guest bathroom eventually did get redecorated, like the swan from Swan Lake, commercial swans were dead and gone from the decorating shelves.

(Here comes the thrift shop part!) Yes! This graceful bird was found at the thrift shop. Like a gleaming ivory Angel bird, I plucked her gently from the shelf. But alas, she has never held a guest towel. She occupies a shelf, in her own spartan beauty, on a hutch in my studio. She has starred in a painting I did as an accent to Asian bowls and chopsticks, but never graced the bathroom.

Well, today was her day to shine. With guest towel up on her back, I gave her the rightful place that she was molded for.

Happy and shining in the sunshine, here she is in “Graceful Guesting”. “Graceful Guesting” is an 8×10 oil on canvas-board. It is a part of the “Painting Today” series. The swan and I thank you for coming by to take a look!


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