Colorado Golden Girl

Remember in the movie, “Dirty Dancing“, when Patrick Swayze catches the girl? Did you catch your breath? Did your heart skip a beat? Then the music starts with “I had the time of my life …”.

Well, I did have the time of my life. It was American Artist’s, “Weekend with the Masters“. Three days of classes with the likes of Sherri McGraw, Mary Whyte, Jeremy Lipking, David Leffel, Scott Christensen and more than that!

I decided that this was my bucket list of instructors, and I was going! It was the first annual event, held at the foothills of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 2009. I signed up for two classes with David Leffel, a lecture with Scott Burdick and another demonstration with Scott Christensen.

I spent a whole day with Kevin MacPherson plein air painting in the Garden of the Gods, and an afternoon painting class with Sherri McGraw. I walked on air. I was given “hands on” instruction.

With every breath, I was more inspired by the immersion into such talent and skill! If only one could improve their abilities by an osmotic process, this would be it. Even Richard Schmid graced the 7:00 PM lectern to welcome us and tell his stories of paintings, family and teaching. I could not believe I was actually here, and there were moments I just wanted to pinch myself.

One of my afternoons was taken up with a class by Sherri McGraw. She trotted out three different models, all dressed very interestingly. She then placed one on each wall of the room and told the class to paint or draw the model nearest to them. This is the model that I painted. I was trying to assimilate new techniques, advice on shading, shadow and light. Although the effort did not live up to my expectations, I still could see where practice could bring my paintings to a new level. Sherri McGraw is not only an accomplished artist, but she shines as a teacher, as well.

This painting is a cherished memento of my “Weekend with the Masters”. Meet the “Colorado Golden Girl” an 11×14 oil on canvas painted in the Great State of Colorado. Thanks for stopping by today!


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