Bailey walked into a Saturday session at The Loft in February, on a cold morning. It was going to be a nude session, but all the artists agreed that her “layered look” was spectacular. Especially, with her smokey eyes framed by her hair and the hood of her jacket! Besides, it was a tad cold in there that morning.

The painting of Bailey seemed to do itself. Her features, traced out in pencil flowed onto the canvas-board as I filled in lights and darks and tone, striving to capture her pale skin and light brown hair.

It was the layers of clothes that took time. In the space of four hours, I seemed to have accomplished my goal. A beautiful girl on a crisp February morning, posing in an art school in downtown Tempe.

Needless to say, she made my day! Thank you, Bailey. The painting, “Bailey” is a 16×12 oil on canvas board, and it is in the “Painting Today” series.

DSC_1347 posterized

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