Athena’s name comes from Greek Mythology.

Legend claims that Athena was a favorite daughter of Zeus. She was a busy goddess with attributes of:  wisdom, strength, courage, inspiration, civilization, law & justice, just warfare, mathematics, crafts, arts and skill. She was, also, the patron goddess of Athens!

Our Athena, from “Monday Night – Open Session” at Scottsdale Artist’s School, seems to possess many of the attributes of the original Athena.

Certainly, she exuded an inner strength and was an inspiration to all the artists in the room. Because she was modeling in front of a room full of artists — she became our “goddess of the arts”, at least for three hours.

Athena, it was a joy to paint you!

The painting, “Athena” is an 11×14 oil on canvas-board and part of the “Painting Today” series.  Thanks for stopping by!  May your day be one of “mythological” awesomeness!

DSC_1349 posterized

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