Painting Vanessa is always fun. Her hair is always different, her makeup perfect and her poses are always interesting.

We were talking during her break, and I told her that I must have six paintings of her at home that I have done.

She laughed and said, “you must be getting sick of me by now!”

I told her “No, I loved painting her and getting to know her and her approaches to posing always keeps it fresh for me as an artist.” And, at the same time, I know that she can go back to her poses after the break and recapture the grace that she possesses in each of her poses.

This “Vanessa” is an 11×14 oil on canvas-board, and is a part of the “Painting Today” series.

Hope you enjoyed my “visit” with the beautiful Vanessa. I know I always do!

DSC_1350 posterized

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