Bailey II

Bailey was at Scottsdale Artists School yesterday for the first time. You may remember the first drawing of Bailey was at the Loft, a couple of months ago.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the Saturday afternoon drawing session. Downtown Scottsdale temperatures were in the high 80′s, and the streets were full of sunshine and tourists checking out the local art galleries. As I left the Studio, I spotted a horse and carriage pulling smiling tourists past the iconic galleries and eateries. My camera unfortunately, was in my backpack in the back of my car.

Anyway, my choice was a sitting pose instead of just her face. Bailey has such beautiful eyes, I wish I had gone for the close up! But every painting is a lesson and the three-hour session was over all too quickly.

We had a surprise visit from David Kassan, who will be doing a demonstration at 5 o’clock PM Sunday night at the Legacy. David is truly a living master, and we will get an opportunity to watch his process and understand how he works to achieve his life portraits.

His model for Sunday night? Our very own Bailey! I caught a sneak peek of his charcoal sketch, he did of Bailey this afternoon. All I’m saying is that Sunday night is going to be very exciting!

I’ll be sure to catch a picture or two to share on Artsprings!

DSC_1361 posterized

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