“Glass Bouquet”, Finally Done

Every once in a while, when I go to the grocery store, I stop by the floral department to shop for flowers to paint. I like painting flowers because it forces me to paint them before they wilt. And, also, I like having flowers in the studio! They just, somehow, scatter light and color (and a little fragrance) around a room in such a happy way.

The flower glass vase is an item I found at The Brass Armadillo, a place where collectors can rent space and sell their antique treasures to customers like me who can spend an entire afternoon there walking down memory lane, pardon the pun. Pieces like this cut glass vase are unique, well-crafted and are a painting challenge which adds to the fun of painting. Like a hard workout at the gym, it hurts so good! Does it depict reflected light? What’s a good color? How do you represent “clear”? Well, I started out with light grey, fell back to blended blue and white, and highlighted the areas of reflection with white. When I added the flower stems, I dithered them slightly and made them a lighter green with a few dark green areas to add contrast.

The next time you add water to a glass vase, check the water line. The concave meniscus has a watery white top and a sharp grey line underneath, which you can see very clearly, even in the cut glass vase, which tends to dither everything else in the vase!

“Glass Bouquet” is an 8×10 oil on canvas-board and is a part of the “Painting Today” series. Think about “Liking” the Artsprings Facebook Page. You could be the lucky winner of a bouquet that will never wilt!

Thanks for stopping by today!

DSC_0508 copy

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