Walleyed Pike

There are some things about your Dad you never forget.

His favorite sport, favorite car, maybe even a favorite hat. You knew what his passion was because at one time, or another, he shared it with you, and taught you everything he knew about it.

So it was, in northern Minnesota, my dad loved to fish. He taught me where to look for them, what they liked, the best lure (or, jig) to use, and what the temperature of the water had to do with the fish’s temperature. Basically, how to catch them! His favorite fish (to eat and catch) was the Walleyed Pike — (Just “Walleye” for the indoctrinated).

Feisty, strong and fast, the action on the other end of the fishing line was unlike any other. “Set the hook”, my Dad would yell, as I was having the time of my life trying to keep the fishing rod in my hands, let alone, jerk the rod back to “set the hook”.

Never bend the rod forward and then begin the backward jerk on the pole. It gives the Wiley Walleye the chance to get away. Believe me, the look of disappointment on my dad’s face was more than my own! I think I felt worse for my dad then I did for losing the fish. It was okay, we caught and cleaned our limit that day and sat down to fresh fish for dinner. I think Dad “set the Hook” in me for fishing.

Happy Father’s Day. I painted this one for you. There’s probably no limit on Walleye in Heaven.

Love, Your Daughter.

P.S. This is an 8×10 oil on canvas-board and part of the “Painting Today” series.

DSC_0509 copy

2 thoughts on “Walleyed Pike

  1. Silvia says:

    So cute! I love the expression :)

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