Annie considers me to be her human. I am well-trained, I come when I am called and she has taught me how to pet her even when I’m doing something “human”.

She was one of two newborn kittens, we found in our front yard, with no mama fending for them. So, we increased the cat population in our household by two, and bought animal baby bottles, kitten formula and fed them for about 5 weeks until they were on kitten chow. We had deluded ourselves into thinking we would give them away when they were weaned. We must have weaned ourselves off of that idea!

Now, we have them both and I was casting about for Today’s Painting, and I made Annie my victim for today. The things that a human, even a well-trained human, will do to their cat!

“Annie” (in this case, the name of the oil painting, not the cat) is an 8×10 oil on canvas-board and is part of the “Painting Today” series.

Thanks for looking and we hope to see you back real soon.

DSC_0519 copy

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