Cheers to Cherries

If the hot weather, or the kids being home from school, has not convinced you that it is Summer, the grocery store also says that it is Summer and has the cherries to prove it.

I love the deep reds and the shiny skin that throws happy twinkles of light everywhere. It’s no surprise that someone came up with the saying that, “Life is a bowl of cherries”! And, yes, there will be pits, but the taste of cherries is worth it.

I think that stopping along Summer’s path to paint the cherries was worth it, too. It gave me a chance to showcase my rose-colored wineglass, full of lively little cherries!

A toast to Summer and all the adventures we can pack into it!

“Cheers to Cherries” is an 8×10 oil on canvas-board and is part of the “Painting Today” series. “Like” my Artsprings page on Facebook and you will be entered into my painting giveaway, when my Artsprings Facebook page gets 50 subscribed “Likers”. If you win, you get your favorite painting from the “Painting Today” series. Even if you live out of the Phoenix area, shipping will be free! Yes, it’s my first shameless advertising promotion and it won’t be my last. So, start clicking that “like” button today.

DSC_0525 copy

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