Three Pears

These pears were painted on a prepared Masonite board. It was my first board painting, and it will not be the last.

The technique is to smoothly sand the board to a polished surface and use Acrylic Gesso to bond to the surface and provide the “bed” for the oil paint to adhere to.

Did you know that the Mona Lisa was painted on a board made of Poplar wood and not canvas? It is painted on a 30×21 board and is housed in The Louvre, an art museum, in Paris, France. The painting hangs in a glass case that has it’s own “atmosphere”, in order to preserve it.

This is my first experience painting with “oil on board”. Oils glide over the smooth surface and offer hardly any resistance to the brush. Canvas, being fabric, has, what is known as, “tooth”. “Tooth” refers to the weave and it’s ability to “catch” the paint in the woven fabric. Canvas has tooth, while board has hardly any.

So, painting the Three Pears almost had the feel of finger painting, with the swirl of paints gliding over a resistance-free surface. I’ve got to do more with this medium, it was very enjoyable.

Hope you enjoyed the pears and reading about board paintings. These fellows are fat, colorful and fun to paint.

See you soon with more paintings on Artsprings! “Three Pears” is a 6×8 oil on board. It is part of the “Previous Works” series.

DSC_0520 copy

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