Josefina Maria

It’s been almost 3 years since we welcomed a new puppy into our lives! I decided that any puppy with such a proud Mexican heritage deserves a name big enough to grow into. Here’s a breed named after a whole State in Mexico, the “Estado” of Chihuahua. So after thinking about all the possibilities, I chose “Josefina Maria” and gave her the nickname of “Josi”. She was adorable, with just the tips of her ears bent over at 6 weeks, and fitting comfortably in the palm of my hand with her tiny front paws folded around my finger as she laid there, taking in her new world.

By 8 weeks, her ears stood up all the way, she was trying to make friends with the cats, and she would roll on her back to get my attention. With her paws flailing in all directions, she would use all of her “appeal” to get attention. Then, one day, I sketched her in her little ruse to get attention, and then made a painting from the sketch.

Josi is still quite the “attention hound” and loves everybody (making friends with new people easily). She is quite outgoing for a Chihuahua, and we just love to take her places. One of her favorite places is First Friday Art Walk in downtown Phoenix. She happily rides on Daddy’s arm watching the crowd for that special person who will stop to pet her. What a ham!

So, here is Josi, caught in mid roll as the happy puppy.

“Josefina Maria” is a 12×12 oil on canvas and is part of the “Previous Works” series.

DSC_0522 copy

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