Prom Dress

I was already smitten with this dress, when the model walked on the stage last night. The dress looked like it was straight out of Vogue, with a fan-folded front, a form-fitting bodice, and a hem that hit the floor. Behind the fan-front is a one-shoulder-strap bodice, which is hidden behind the “fan”.

Wow! And the veil, with the white flower, and the very short hair and delicate features, was a lovely combination to send all the artists in the room into Painting Nirvana.

During one of the breaks, the model was talking to one of the other artists sitting near me. She was explaining to the other gal that this was her Prom dress from just a few short weeks ago!

So this IS a very special dress! Today, as I was finishing the background, I found my thoughts floating back to my own senior prom. I didn’t have a clue what life outside of high school would look like. I could feel the forward motion, but I had no idea where this magical thing called “future” would lead.

So I added clouds to the background (wispy, hazy clouds of becoming an adult, looking for dreams, finding and losing love, making mistakes and winning when it was least expected). So much to look forward to, and yet, not being able to see it, through a cloud of childhood and family security.

With grace, beauty and a good share of confidence, here comes another candidate to seize her dreams and make them come true, in her “Prom Dress”.

“Prom Dress” is an 11×14 oil on canvas-board. It is part of a “Painting Today” series. Thanks for stopping by to wish our new graduate a happily successful life!

DSC_0535 posterized

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