Mini Roses

Whoever thought of putting flowers in the grocery store instead of a florist shop, you found me! If you put what you want me to buy right next to what I do buy, well, there you have it! Captive audience.

Also, I needed something to paint, and the mini roses are so delicate, perfect in pink, and I know I can keep them alive longer than next Tuesday — yes I can!

So here is Mini Roses — in the pink, looking very happy even after their car ride home in the 114° heat in Arizona. I hurried a little, hoping they wouldn’t notice.

“Mini Roses” is an 8×10 oil on canvas-board, and a welcome addition to the ever — ahem! — “growing” collection of “Painting Today” paintings.

Did that last little joke “grow” on you? I hope so. Hope to see everybody back tomorrow. I think these will be some more models either from Scottsdale Artists School or shopping cart from the grocery store. Choices, Choices!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

DSC_0556 posterized

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