From Scottsdale Artists School Monday-night Open Session comes this portrait of “Craig”.

Did I tell you I am a sap for a long-haired guy? Well, I am!

When I went to college in the 1970′s, I met (and hero-worshiped) the campus rebel. Complete with long hair, beard, Mexican poncho vest, engineer boots and an arrogant intellectual attitude. I was head over heels in wanting to be a freak just — like — him!

The rumor was that this guy came from New York after avoiding the draft and going to Canada and moved down to Bemidji Minnesota (my hometown and home college — Bemidji State University). People said he was actually an illegal because he didn’t re-register for the draft. Well, anyway he sort of looked like Clint Eastwood in “The Good, the Bad and The Ugly” (1966).

So, here comes Craig with a beard and long hair in an indescribable grey-brown hue, and I am mixing colors like mad trying to get to the color and tone of his complicated hair and beard. I decided to narrow my focus to portraiture to add the detail I would need to convey the beard and maintain a facial likeness.

I loved his deep-set eyes and the lighting on his face (this is called “Rembrandt lighting”, when one side of the face is lit and the other is in varying degrees of shadow). Apparently, Rembrandt lit many of his subjects this way in portraiture.

“Craig” is an 11×14 oil on canvas-board and is in the “Painting Today” series.

Thanks for stopping by. I wonder if Craig got to go to Woodstock? My mother wouldn’t let me go! Although, the rain, the mud and the guitar amps shorting out, did NOT sound like that much fun. It was a memory that had to “age” about ten years before it found positive traction on memory lane!!

DSC_0561 posterized

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