White Peaches

Some grocery items can be stored in the refrigerator for relatively long periods of time. Peaches, unfortunately, are not one of them. They go rather quickly from maturity to bruises, and it’s all downhill from there.

The bright side is that peaches taste so good that who wants to save them, anyway?

So, I marched these beauties out of the fridge and onto the chopping block. There was a two-part purpose for the peaches. The first part, I’m sharing with you! I painted them, and I am putting their picture up on my website. The second part is, that I ate them! Delicious!

The other discovery is that these peaches are called “White Peaches”, and I was taken by the colorful outer skin. And, I didn’t quite understand the “White” part until I cut it open. Wow! The meat was a very bright White instead of the subtle Yellow orange I’m used to. So no, I didn’t forget to “color” the inside, I found them to be this color.

So, if you see White peaches in your local grocery store, I recommend that you try them. They are certainly good mid-Summer snacking.

In the meantime, enjoy my version of “White Peaches”, an 8×10 oil on canvas-board that is part of the “Painting Today” series. This version is also zero calories, no matter how many times you come back to look at it.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope your Summer is just as sweet.

DSC_0562 copy

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