Poker Face

Monday night, when I went to Scottsdale Artists School for Monday Night Open Session, I walked in on a gambling scene. There was a table, some money on the table, a glass for a drink, a jug to hold moonshine, or perhaps illegal alcohol if this poker game is taking place during Prohibition.

Our “hold ‘em or fold ‘em” high-stakes gambler comes out from the dressing room with a White ruffled shirt, the kind men were wearing in the 1800′s and, when Emanuel sat down at the table, picking up his “five-card stud” hand, he put on a cold and calculating “Poker Face”!

The easy thing to do would be to go for the portrait drawing and ignore all the “trappings” of the “good hand” in poker. I decided that doing the “easy” thing was probably the wrong answer. Doing all the detail work would be: good practice, keep my eyes open, along with the options for how I was going to approach this scenario.

I’m glad I did. This was a fun paint! I have never drawn a playing card before!

Ah, it’s the little things that make Art fun. Like telling Emanuel that “I poured you a drink.” I had painted brown liquid into the glass I painted, just because “drinking and gambling” go together in a stereotypical way.

So, here is “Poker Face” from the Casino Scottsdale Artist School. Hope you enjoyed the 11×14 oil on canvas-board. It’s part of The “Painting Today” series. And, if I made you start to hum the song, “Poker Face”, it’s because I’m humming it, too (ever since, I figured out that was what I wanted in my drawing, a poker scene and a gambler!)

Thanks for looking. May all your gambles in your life today, go your way. But, don’t chance the yellow traffic light. I want you to be in one piece for my next drawing.

DSC_0565 posterized

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