Sun Powered

Driving North on Interstate 29, somewhere between South and North Dakota one late Summer day (heading to Minnesota to visit with my Mom), we started seeing huge fields of sunflowers along the way. Like a crowd of floral sun worshipers, no matter what time of day, the sunflowers strained to catch every ray of sunshine on their up turned flower faces. East in the morning and West at night, their ability to face the sun amazed me. It was so dramatic to see a whole field of sunflowers do their sun dance in unison.

If you have a large sturdy vase, sunflowers are sold in floral shops and really dress up a lonely corner of the house, especially toward Fall. I guess I’m getting an early start on thinking about Fall, because in Arizona, fall comes knocking on the Phoenix doors around Halloween!

In the meantime, in honor of all those basking sunflowers along Interstate 29 between South and North Dakota, here is “Sun Powered”, a 9×12 oil on canvas-board. “Sun Powered” is part of the “Painting Today” series.

May all your Summer “Sun Days” be fun days. Thanks for stopping by to visit.

DSC_0567 posterized

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