Hello!  My name is Susan Gupton and today, I am opening a portal into my world of painting!  I work with, primarily, oil on canvas.  I love still life, portraits and plein air for subject matter.  I would classify my work as painterly realism.  Painting has a certain “zen” for me.  It is challenging, enlightening and brings colors to the canvas I had not noticed in the actual subject.  When I look at one of my finished paintings, I always remember the journey and what I learned by taking that first step.  I hope I can share these steps with you!  Art is not always how an artist interprets a subject.  It is, more importantly, how the artist’s work speaks to a viewer!


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Silvia says:

    Susan, this is amazing! I love the richness of color and how well all of the forms are rendered. Bridges are really difficult to paint with all of the details and perspective they give. Beautiful!

  2. Susan says:

    Thanks, Silvia! It is the Tempe Town Lake Mill Ave Bridge. I worked this into a 16×20 oil painting from a photograph I took from the park in Tempe! You might say I did have some “bridges to cross” to get to my final painting. It was difficult to get the perspective close enough so you can perceive that the bridge recedes correctly. I decided I was glad to be an artist and not an architect, but this is also one of my personal favorites because of all the lessons I learned! Thanks again for your comments!

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