James In A Purple Shirt

Scottsdale Artist School has been expanding its art model pool! We have had quite a few “first time” models this Summer, and they all have done super!

It takes a certain temperament to be able to sit (even with regular breaks) for 3 hours in front of a room full of people who periodically frown at you (squinting to see darks and lights) hold pencils up in the air at you (measuring correct distances) stare at you as though you were from outer space (getting a “feel” for painting the subject) and tell you that your head is too far left or right from your last 20 minute sitting, by a “fraction of an inch”!

Our models never disappoint. Cooperative, friendly and willing to please they have all been a pleasure to paint.

James is no exception. He picked out a purple shirt to contrast his red hair! Wow, Jim, you really had me mixing up the colors on my palate! I loved that little curve ball of a detail you pitched at us! Hope to see you again, soon.

I thank everyone who stopped by to view my Artsprings pages. I am very proud that Art Springs Facebook has received 15 likes. 35 more and I’m giving away your choice of the “Painting Today” series if you are chosen in the drawing.

“James In A Purple Shirt” is a 12×16 oil on canvas-board and is a part of the “Painting Today” series.

DSC_0571 posterized

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