Bowl of Brown Eggs

There’s an old adage that says that a hen with dark feet will lay brown eggs, while a hen with light-colored yellow feet will lay white eggs. In my limited experience, this is true. My white Leghorn had yellow feet and laid white eggs. The rest of my chickens, all different breeds, like Rhode Island Red, Australorp, Barred Rock and a Polish chicken, all had dark-colored feet and laid brown eggs, some with speckles in them.

I had a very special chicken known as a Araucana chicken. Araucanas are sometimes called “the Easter Chicken” for 2 reasons:

  1. They lay a beautiful blue-green egg.
  2. They hide their eggs.

I can tell you something else. They are smart, loyal and can be trained. I named mine Penny for her Copper colored feathers. She looked more like a wild bird than a chicken. She was a little better flyer than the others and could, when asked, fly and perch on my shoulder. She would also give “kisses” — I don’t recommend asking for one, it will be a “peck” and it’s one of those times that “love hurts”. Anyway, Penny was killed by a dog who dug underneath my fence, and I hope Penny will be among my never-forgotten animal family at the Rainbow Bridge!

Back to my eggs that must have come from dark footed birds. Still working on subtle shadows and color shifts. And now that a “Bowl of Brown Eggs” is part of the “Painting Today” series, as an 8×10 oil on canvas-board, I think it is time for an omelet!

Thanks for stopping by! We are “eggs-cited” to see you here!

DSC_0801 posterized

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